Promajna was once a fishing village and now a small tourist town. It’s located at the bottom of the mountain Biokovo, 4 km south of Baška Voda. Owes its name to the “source of life” – the “Sun” and that name is first recorded in 1674th year. But a large number of archaeological findings (pottery, amphorae, coins, fragment, etc…) tell us that there was life in Promajna in the second century BC. Burial finding gold jewelry (necklace with pearls, bracelet and ring) is one of the most significant findings from late antiquity to the area of ​​the Makarska Riviera and termination cippus with a carved cross (VI – VII century) is one of the oldest symbols of Christianity found in this area.

The long white sandy beach shielded with pine trees, equipped with all necessary facilities, clear and warm sea, clean air and preserved environment are the main features of Promajna. The beginnings of tourism here is linked to the construction of the nearby “Children’s Village” which once served for a kids with diseases of the respiratory system. The last decade has been built in a multitude of private homes that offer quality rooms and suites, a place also has a high-quality hotel accommodation.

Promajna has all the basic facilities required for tourists (post office, shops, travel agencie, exchange offices), and the local restaurants offer culinary specialties of Dalmatian and international cuisine. The village is dominated by the Church of All Saints (bilt in 1999.) with bell tower. At the beginning of the XXI.st. century Promajna obtained several awards as one of the most decorated small resorts on the Adriatic coast (aword called: “Blue Flower”).